New York based indie pop/rock group The Narrative is a perfect example of how sometimes things just seem to fall into place. When guitarist/vocalist Jesse Gabriel posted a three page long Craigslist ad defining exactly what he wanted out of a musical relationship, there was no way he could have predicted that the most promising response would be from someone he grew up practically around the corner from but never knew. Jesse and keyboardist/vocalist Suzie Zeldin met for the first time in person over a slice of mediocre New York pizza and learned that not only did they go to high school together, but that they also shared many identical musical interests. The two spent much of the next year heading from their nine-to-fives to Suzie’s cramped Upper East Side apartment to craft their first tunes, many of which would become The Narrative’s first release, the Just Say Yes EP. When it came time to record the album, Jesse and Suzie were introduced to drummer Charles Seich through mutual friend and producer Bryan Russell, and with their help refined six of the songs they were most proud of. The record was released in August 2008 digitally on iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody and other distributors, as well as physically through mail order. Since then, they have seen two front page features on MySpace Canada, placements on MTV’s Real World Brooklyn and Real World Cancun, and an overwhelmingly positive unsigned showcase on who exclaimed that “The Narrative are the kind of raw, young talent that makes lesser bands envious”. Most recently, they received a front page feature on Purevolume and a “Popping Up” feature on Idolator who exclaimed that The Narrative has “the ability to switch between fun, happy-go-lucky tunes and soft, mournful melodies”, “is worth rocking out to” and “could easily fit in with Pete Wentz’s band of merry misfits on his Decaydance label, or score a sweet spot on an Alice In Wonderland-type soundtrack if given the chance”. The band spent the majority of 2008 playing around New York and surrounding states in an effort to hone their live show. They spent 2009 working diligently on their first full length record and extending their touring to the Midwest and further along the East coast. The full length, self-titled record weighs in at thirteen songs and a whopping fifty-two minutes and forty-two seconds. It maintains a diversity that most bands these days struggle to achieve while at the same time remaining harmonious with the image and sound the band is known and loved for. Their debut full length was released on July 27th 2010. It was met with rave reviews including a 91/100 rating at who declared it "the best record of its kind in 2010". The band has since been on several national tours in support of it and will continue to tour in 2011.


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